AutoMate 6.0.6

Automate your business processes in a snap

AutoMate is a leading software for automation of front and back-office business processes. It provides all the tools necessary to completely automate business processes, regardless of their complexity.


Drag-and-drop task building enables tasks to be constructed rapidly. No programming code or writing batch files.


Tasks can either be deployed in-place with AutoMate's powerful event-based triggers or they can be deployed across the enterprise to other AutoMate installations with only a few clicks of the mouse.


AutoMate tasks are displayed in plain-English sentences, thus eliminating the problem of code abandonment that occurs when the developer of the solution leaves the company.



AutoMate 6.0.6

User reviews about AutoMate

  • jtrapper

    by jtrapper

    "Eliminates tons of redundant tasks "

    Saves on time and errors allowing us to focus on more primary business objectives..   More.